Drew Viehmann


VR Stitcher

Hello, my name is Drew Viehmann, and I am a 360° content professional. I have worked on 360° projects for A&E, MSNBC, and a world-class sporting event, to name a few. I have also worked on projects for FX, Freeform, and clients like Remington in various capacities.


With 360° content, you can save time and money by filming so as to make the post process as smooth as possible. I specialize in cohesion between the two, making the most of the time I have on location to minimize the corrections that need to be done in post, while

creating work that I can be proud of.


Feel free to contact me below regarding any 360° projects you may need a 360° cinematographer and/or post processing for.

360° WORK

A&E Network Promo for Nightwatch


MSNBC Network Lockout 360° Experience

360° Newport Beach for Full Circle Films

360° Wedding Capture for Full Circle Films

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